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On foot, on horseback or by bicycle.

The hostel is in a privileged location, on the same road and street as the Public Hostel. Next to this advantageous location, you will discover places of great interest, such as the Town Hall of Melide, the Church of San Pedro and the Chapel of San Antonio.

Bus (public transportation)

For those who prefer the bus as a means of transportation, just 300 meters away there is a bus stop operated by Monbus, with routes to Santiago-Lugo and Lugo-Santiago, including stops at Lavacolla Airport. For more information, you can visit


If you choose to travel by car, the following routes will take you to your destination:

From Coruña: By the AC-840

From Santiago: By the N-547

From Lalín: By AC-840

From Lugo: By the N-547

The exact location coordinates are:

LATITUDE 42.91475 / LONGITUDE -8.017104.

If you have any questions do not hesitate, we are here to help you.

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